Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals Full Pantera Set! Back Stage & INSIDE the barricade! Oakland, CA

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    Let me start out this video by saying, YES, i know this isn't the type of video i normally upload. But i got to do something really fun a few days ago. More like EPIC! My good friend Andre, the front of house engineer for Phil Anselmo and the Illegals, invited me out to the show in Oakland, CA to hang out for the day. It isn't anything too out of the ordinary as i do this anytime Andre and the band are anywhere within a few hours from where i live. I also got to bring Brandon, my shop foreman, to his very first concert. We both got badged up and were behind the scenes all day at Oakland Coliseum. Hanging out on the bus, walking around, watching rock gods from Primus, Ministry and Slayer walk right past us in the hallways. Luckily, Brandon kept his composure. You have to in a situation like this! Anyway, i ended up with a "photo pass" which gave me access to the very front of the stage during the show. Like inside the barricade between the band and thousands of fans. Just me and security. I was given permission to film and post what you are about to see so if this is something you are a fan of, you will probably love it! If not, just enjoy it for the behind the scenes aspect...what happens before a major rock concert event. One last thing. I want to give a lot of props and respect to Philip and the band. Yes, we know this isn't "Pantera". But a "Vulgar display of Pantera"...a tribute to Dime and Vinny. The rest of the band has big shoe's to fill and they KILLED IT!!
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