Subwoofer Test: 6.66 Hertz

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  • Uploaded 9 months ago in the category Alpine

    Here is my Hsu Research Model ULS - 15 subwoofer operating at 6.66 hertz.

    The actual 6.66 sine wave starts at about 21 seconds on the counter (about 4 seconds before the speaker cone begins to move).

    The audio file itself is at about -3db, but the amount of cone excursion (note my hand on a control knob) is quite small.

    Minus 3db doesn't seem that loud, but consider in digital audio recording minus 12db is considered what 0db is in analog audio recording.

    BE CAREFUL! I am not responsible for ruined amplifiers and speakers! Oh, and by the way the ULS -15 actually responded down to 2 hertz.

    I chose 6.66 hertz just to try to be funny; The Devil, Satan, The Mark Of The Beast, 666, Black Magic, torture, stuff like that! Be sure to check my other version of this at

  • subwoofertest:666hertz