EXTREME WIG SPLITTING BASS TAPOUT! "He's Playin' with me" (5) 18's Bandpass Wall 20,000 watts

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    I knew he was playin' with me! Actually you can clearly see the difference when the frequency goes up. It is a lot harder to handle. The low notes were hitting pretty hard but when he changed songs it really got me good! Special shout out to SoundWerks for being the first in a LONG time, if EVER to make me tap out. Actually there was 2 in one day....subscribe and watch me get a beat down from Justin Yeo's van. Video's coming soon!
    Remember, just because i didn't tap out of other vehicles does NOT make them any less loud or incredible. Anything over 158db is getting hard to sit in. 160db is getting real hard....and around a 162 is as much as i can take. At least on the "hot seat" side. Keep in mind, where the driver is sitting, is more than likely several DB less than where i am sitting. That is why he can sit there like that. (in case you are wondering).
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