Chevy Tahoe Dash Mod - HVAC Re-Locate SMD LED Sound System Monitoring

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    So here is the story. I started working on this thing a few years ago. I planned on the XS Power VCM (voltage control module) and the Ridetech air ride controls when i first started. It was framed out and made of wood and body filler. I got side tracked like i often do and never finished the project. Fast forward a few years and now i have my OWN products! So i didn't really want to put that old stuff in the dash, i wanted the new SMD products. Recently i was contacted about getting the Tahoe in a magazine so i knew i had to get off my ass and make it look good.
    I started out with the SMD TM-1 (f) (also available in Celsius) which will monitor my amp rack temperature in the back. It is programmable and has 3 stage built in fan output right on board! No relays! I set it to 90 degree's and if it hits that mark, the fans kick on @ 30%. Every 10 degree's up from that, the fans go up 30% more till they hit full output. This is so they don't have to be roaring loud when they don't need to be. The middle OM-1 meters are calibrated to my highs (right) and lows (left). They let me know VISUALLY when i am pushing the system to it's limits. Of course the SMD VM-1 LED Analog Volt meter on the far right.
    If you know the 2001-2005 Chevy Tahoe, you know the dash is kind of funky. It is at a crazy angle one way while the center console is straight. That mixed in with the curved plastic it butts up to makes this small little project a challenge. After hours of hand molding, fiberglassing, gluing and sanding, I wanted this stuff to match and look good so i took it next door to Jay at Autobody Workshop for some paint. Thanks Jay!
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