SF3D OC "Superbass" - bass test track - Kicker L5 subwoofer showing some excursion

  • I am currently having a break from overclocking, but I have still done some music for my upcoming videos. Now I decided to do bass test track for the ones who like those.
    I am very tired to hear typical bass test tracks, so this is the type I would like to hear more. There is very low frequencys in some part of the track, so be carefull when you play it loud first time.
    The subwoofer in the film will go in to my car soon. it is very small 8" Kicker Solo Baric L5 element, but it wil be just enough for my needs. It is obviously in free air in this video, but that way the excursion can be seen best.
    I would hope to see some hardcore car hifi users to play this really loud in their high end systems.
    Here is the link for downloading this song:
    sf3d.pp.fi/images/Music/SF3D OC Superbass.MP3

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