Pioneer 8 inch subwoofer bass excursion test [sweep tone]

  • Pioneer S-W110S 8 inch active subwoofer bass driver bass excursion test with sweep bass tone. Full speaker cone excursion. Next time I upload video guide How to disassembly & assembly this active hi-fi class home audio system setup sub and how to remove speaker grill. Some alternative Pioneer subwoofers: Pioneer S-W150S, pioneer s-w1000, pioneer s-w20, pioneer s-w90s, pioneer s-w55, pioneer s-w80s, pioneer s-w33, Pioneer SW-8MKS, Pioneer SW-8MK2 or Pioneer SW-10.
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    Pioneer S-W110S specifications:
    - Cabinet: Floor type system
    - Speaker (magnetically shielded type): 22 cm cone type or 8" inch
    - Power amplifier continuous power output (RMS): 110w / 4 ohm (30-200 Hz)
    - Turnover frequency: 50 - 200 Hz
    - Outline dimension: 250w x 480h x 475d mm
    - Weight: 14,2 kg
    - Power consumption: 210w
    [-] Hазвание видео RU: Активный сабвуфер Pioneer S-W110S - бас тест на сабвуфера [тональные сигналы]
    [-] Video nosaukums LV: Pioneer S-W110S suba skaļruņa basa kustību un skaņas test
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