Logitech x-540 Extreme Subwoofer Test (10hz-20hz)

  • Just an extreme test of the Logitech x-540 subwoofer which was about to rip the suspension.
    Songs/sounds played:
    1) Bass iasca bass test subwoofer
    2) Bigbas
    3) 10hz sine wave
    4) 20hz sine wave
    If you wanna buy this speakers,please think again,for your own pleasure. :D
    Whoever made this subwoofer forgot to put in it a damn cheap coil just to cut the mid range frequencies,because this is not subwoofer but midrange-woofer. -.-
    The speaker quality is... arghhh...
    Truebass recommendation:
    Altec Lansing FX5051 5.1

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