12,000 Watts? Testing the Soundigital Evo 12000.1D Through the NEW SMD QR-1 Neo Magnet Terminals

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    NOTE** any buzzing you hear in this video is NOT the amp! It is the POWER SUPPLY! that thing is annoying. I need to find an isolated spot to put it so i don't have to hear that...for now though i will just deal with it.
    I have spent the last month dealing with some unfortunate events as well as having a lot of work to do...and also family visiting from Florida (momma Meade). It's been hectic! Rest in peace ROCK :( Pet your dog today and tell them you love 'em because they never last long enough. Rock made it 13 years which is very good for a Rotty. We will miss him tremendously..many of you have been around and seen him over the years. Time flies!
    Finally, after working morning noon and night to improve my products, i got a chance to test this Soundigital EVO 12000.1D. Since i just released my brand new version of the SMD QR-1 and also QR-2 (coming this week!) i figured i would also see if they could handle that much power. Find out if they did by watching! Also, Every product we make at the shop (fuse holders, distro bars etc) is available in those neon color combo's! They really glow under a black light!
    For more info on this amp visit www.soundigitalusa.com
    8ga Tinned OFC cable (used in this video) by CEautoelectric: www.ceautoelectricsupply.com
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