Category 7 CSW12-1K XMAX 12" Dual 2Ω 1000w Subwoofer - T/S Parameters

  • A beast of a 12-inch subwoofer that is capable of outputting a sheer 1000 watt RMS of music power! And be able to handle up to 2500w on its peak. In this video, may I present the Category 7 CSW12-1K XMAX 12 inch dual 2 Ohm car subwoofer. I will be measuring and testing every electro-mechanical properties of this mighty car subwoofer, which professionals and amateurs prefer in building DIY car audio subwoofer setups. So watch and take down notes or perhaps bookmark this video for your preference in your future builds using the XMAX sub.
    Manufactured and designed to output an estimated excursion of 22mm of Xmax parameter on its peak power handling without sacrificing the cone displacement. Which makes this subwoofer a preferred choice for SPL setups and also for daily driving music bass needs.
    UPDATE: This particular subwoofer is the same product and quality of the following brands and models in USA and Mexico: American Bass XFL 12 (USA) and Rock Series RKS-12 (Mexico).
    00:00 - Unboxing
    01:20 - Using Dayton Audio DATS v3 in measuring impedance (AC). Measuring each individual coil, in parallel and in series. Detecting also Vas and Mms. These parameters are significant in designing and building enclosures using software like Bass Box Pro, WinISD and Bassta!
    03:20 - Measuring subwoofer physical dimensions. Displayed in Metric and Imperial systems. All these data are needed in calculating the subwoofer driver's displacement.
    - Factory packaging is top notch. You literally have to open 3 boxes to get the subwoofer out. Box in a box, within a box and into another box per se.
    - Each voice coil parameters, inductance, impedance is just as equal to the other one. Very much identical to each other. Meaning: they perform the very same level of power and limit.
    I think that's all for this thiele-small parameter measurement and short review. Please let me know what you think and you can ask questions by commenting down in the comment section.
    Watch out for the box video build on this one, very soon. Thank you all and have a nice weekend.

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