AudioEngine A5+, S8 and D1 [Bass test]

  • This system was included:
    - AudioEngine A5+
    - AudioEngine S8 subwoofer
    - AudioEngine D1 DAC
    The name of songs in this video:
    - Dark Horse- Katy Perry
    - Side To Side- Ariana Grande
    - Don't Let Me Down- The Chainsmokers
    - Bass I love you- Beat Dominator
    This video was recorded by camera Sony a6000. It's the original file, without editing.
    Sr for my camera, I know it's not really good for recording audio but it's the best camera I had. I just want to make this video to help someone who wants to buy a high-quality speakers system for your PC, was confused by many many brand speakers. I hope it would help you to make your decision.

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