Massive GTX 122 Subwoofer in Plywood L Ported Box - BASS TEST

  • Finally shot and uploaded a subwoofer bass test video of the freshly built L-slot ported plywood enclosure for the Massive GTX 122 12" dual 2 Ohm 700w RMS car subwoofer. Amplifier used is the Lightning Lab AMF1500.DS2 1500w RMS Class D mono amplifier. Cranked the gain above the voltage limit just for giggles and holy smokes! the subwoofer voice coils are smelling burnt and emitted a small visible smoke out the port opening! I thought it was game over but the sub driver is still bumping hard, low and loud.
    If you haven't watch the full build video, then watch it now on this link -
    Without further ado, let's get bumping! Here are the track list:
    1. 10Hz to 100Hz Frequency Sweep
    2. Devilish Trio - Demon Lover
    3. Threeeside & 3ris D3D3 - Gucci
    4. Unaverage Gang - Night Terror
    5. AntXres - Elara
    6. Karma and SVRRIC - HRSH
    I think that is all for today and I hope you like our little budget SPL show and I hope to see you in the next video. Happy bassin'!

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