Dual JBL Club 1024 Subwoofer in L-Ported Box BASS TEST

  • It is rainy day today here in Butuan City and despite the wet and gloomy weather, I still managed to shoot a video testing the freshly built subwoofer box. It is a challenge making subwoofer bass test videos because every time I have to look for royalty-free music and with massive bass in it.
    So here's the awaited sequel to the previous video "DIY Dual L-Ported Subwoofer Box". I recorded the whole audio using a Boya BY-MM1 microphone hooked into a Macbook Pro. Excuse the lame-a$$ SPL meter embedded in the video. And the SPL meter app is NOT calibrated in any way, I use it out of the box from the Apple store.
    I set the impedance on each JBL Club 1024's to 2 Ohm and wired them parallel so final impedance is around 1 Ohm. The 1000w Class D mono 1000.1 amplifier outputs its peak power to the 1 Ohm load.

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