Infinity Kappa 10" Subwoofer in DIY Ported Wedge Box - BASS TEST

  • Watch and listen how the Infinity Kappa 10 inch subwoofer outputs bass!
    First, we have to measure the entire subwoofer system's impedance by using a professional tool designed for the job, the Dayton Audio DATS v3. Run a few impedance sweeps to set an average value and voila! Just like that, we get the full Theile-Small Parameters of the driver together with the very intuitive bass reflex impedance chart in very high resolution! Also the measured parameters is displayed as well on the DATS program. How cool is that to have a DATS v3, what say you!?
    Our do-it-yourself build aero-ported wedge box has a final frequency resonance of 35.66Hz @ 3.145 Ohms in 3.516 degrees phase shift. Which values are very close to the calculation we did on the BassBox Pro 6 program on the previous build video. The tuning we did was 37Hz if you can remember. If you happen to miss the build video, please proceed and watch on this link
    As usual, please let me know what you think of the final outcome of the project because as for me, I am very impressed how accurate BassBox Pro 6 is together with the very awesome tool, Dayton Audio DATS v3.
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