100 Watt #Subwoofer Amplifier, Review and Audio Test

  • Complete review and test of 100 watt #Subwoofer #amplifier made by Inkocean.
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    A subwoofer amplifier increases the power level of low-frequency audio signals and gives you enough power to add more robust subwoofers to your car. Many car audio systems have built-in amplifiers to power all speakers, while others have standalone amplifiers to power a subwoofer.
    A car stereo sounds much deeper with a subwoofer and a subwoofer amplifier. This high-end audio equipment gives a car stereo more punch with heavy bass music. Passengers of vehicles nearby these types of stereos can actually feel the sound and vibrations of a car subwoofer.
    Most car subwoofer amplifiers are designed for a car trunk or under a seat. Car audio service professionals are well equipped to install this type of audio component. Car subwoofer amplifiers should be connected directly to the car battery. This connection requires special heavy gauge wire that runs from the amplifier to the car battery. This installation may require some light drilling, which is why professional installers typically do it.
    An amplifier is a complex electronic device that converts electronic energy into more powerful output signals. This is done through basic electronic transformer technology. A subwoofer amplifier is made specifically for subwoofers, which only detect frequencies below 100hz. These amplifiers use frequency filters that capture and energize those low-frequency signals.
    Many home theater audio systems have built-in sub woofer amplifiers. These theater units have a special subwoofer connection that is designed to power and transmit signals directly to a subwoofer speaker.

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