Sony HT-S40R review: A midrange soundbar with a nifty trick up its sleeve

  • On paper, the Sony HT-S40R soundbar looks like a successor to the Sony HT-RT3. Its biggest advantage is the setup for the surround speakers. They connect to a wireless amplifier that connects to the subwoofer wirelessly, eliminating the need to connect the surround speakers physically to the subwoofer as we’ve seen on the Sony HT-S20R and the Sony HT-RT3. While the setup isn't truly wireless, it is very convenient. The overall sound output from the soundbar is very good, considering the price point. It can produce punchy sounds for movies, is good for gaming and music lovers as well. Its build may feel a little plasticky, but it does not look cheap at all. It is convenient and easy to set up and comes with a 6ft HDMI cable in the box for ARC connectivity. While the front channel separation may be a bit weak, the overall surround sound effects are good. If you have a Sony HT-RT3, you don't need to upgrade to this one. However, if you are looking for a good 5.1 soundbar under 30K to bring the theatre home, then you can definitely consider the Sony HT-S40R.
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    (0:00): Introduction
    (1:11): Build & Design
    (1:55): Subwoofer
    (2:26): Satellite Speakers
    (3:20): Performance
    (8:53): Verdict
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