Major Flex Inside! Skar Audio 12" Pre-Loaded, Slot Ported Box Pushed Hard on 1200 Watts

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    It is one thing to get the rated power on the SMD AD-1 Amp Dyno, which is pure torture to an amp in itself. But when you hook up an amp to the AMM-1 and do a REALTIME test, on speakers, it is much more realistic. When subwoofers (any speaker for that matter) move, the impedance rises which causes the amp power to change dramatically depending on how much rise there was during testing and of course what frequency. I really wanted to just test the box itself but it ended up being an AMP test also! WOW! Great little amp and very nicely priced too!
    I did make the mistake of thinking it was a 1,000 watt single subwoofer, preloaded box...i think the model number SDR-1K12D2 made me automatically think that without looking. The SDR 1k12D2 is in fact a 600 watt RMS box, says so right on the side! DUH! well it took a lot more than that! Sounded funny but after cooling it seemed to be not so bad...but i think i did damage it. That is OK, i replaced it with an SVR 12D2 which is 800w rms / 1600w peak sub. And now, it is time to find out who get's it...
    If you want to win this combo, just watch the video and see how. Thanks for watching!
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