Bose 700 Soundbar Setup and Review (w/ subwoofer and surround speakers) / Top Soundbars for 2020

  • This video is a unboxing, setup and review of the Bose 700 Soundbar with the Bose Bass Module 700 (subwoofer) and the Bose Surround (satellite) speakers.
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    1:28 Dimensions
    2:45 Unboxing - What's Inside
    3:48 AdaptIQ - Sound Tuning
    4:28 HDMI ARC Support
    5:00 App - Bluetooth / Casting Connectivity
    5:53 Buttons - Controlling the Unit
    6:42 Remote
    7:22 Wireless Rear Satellite Speakers
    9:17 Bass Module
    9:50 Demo Sound
    11:43 Sound Review
    15:01 Final Thoughts
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    We bought this product from Best Buy. It was not a gift from Bose, and we are in no way affiliated with the Bose Brand or Company. This was not a promotional video, and was publish for informational purposes only. Thanks for tuning in.

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