Edifier R1280DB vs Edifier R1700BT || Sound Demo w/ Bass Test

  • Edifier R1700BT on amazon DE: amzn.to/2z14zoh
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    Edifier R1280DB on amazon DE: amzn.to/2AErjqk
    Edifier R1280DB on bhphotovideo: bhpho.to/2Om4Sif
    Edifier R1280DB on amazon UK: amzn.to/36SLdyP
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    Edifier R1280DB, which in reality is Edifier R1280T with added Bluetooth connectivity and digital inputs, has a price tag that puts it very close to Edifier R1700BT which begs the question - is it worth it? In my opinion You are better off going with R1280T if You do not need the additional features, or R1700BT if You need Bluetooth. R1700BT sounds more detailed and natural than R1280DB especially from the mid range to high end (all though it is a bit to bright as well, but You can tame it a bit with tone controls). R1700BT is also better looking and better build than R1280DB.
    What do You think? Which one would You choose and why? Let me know in the comments below! Cheers!
    All the tracks used in this video can be found here:
    Sound recorded using Tascam DR-22WL recorder. Levels matched using SPL meter. All tone controls set to neutral

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