Yas 109 soundbar review with Virtual X from Yamaha sound test 2020

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    Full test of the Yas 109 soundbar from Yamaha. This all in one soundbar comes with virtual x and can decode 5.1 dolby surround and dts. You can even add an after market third party subwoofer. In this vieo I go through a full range of sounds tests including virtual x vs standard surround and subwoofer vs bass extension. How does it compare to the yas 108 and yas 107. Best upgrade for your TV speakers? best budget yahama sound bar?
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    yas 109 vs tv speakers 1:19
    standard surround vs virtual x 14:44
    bass test: subwoofer and bass extension 19:50
    bass test 2: 22:34
    clear voice test 26:00
    on axis vs off axis: 28:52
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    Yas-109 soundbar test!
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