Best movie to test a 18" Subwoofer with!

  • Please watch: "135" Sceen + 4k Projector + RedDeadRedemption2 + XboxOneX" --~--
    Projector Screens:
    Make sure your room is at least 15' long for these screens below.
    120" 16:9 Screen - better for gamers
    115" 2.35:1 Screen - better for Movies
    Xbox One X:
    Now my Console of Choice! It does it all - 4k Streaming, 4k UHD Player & 4k Gaming)
    My must have 4k movies!
    Dunkirk -
    Hacksaw Ridge -
    John Wick 1 & 2 -
    Ghost in a Shell -
    Atomic Blonde -
    Kind Arthur: Legend of the sword -
    Wonder Woman -
    Oblivion -
    Lucy -
    Interstellar coming soon to 4k!!!
    Testing my 18" Custom Build Subwoofer. Powered by iNuke 6000dsp. Will end up making 2 of these properly and finish them in Duratex. This build was just to confirm that it work and tests correct. Pretty happy with the results! War of the world nearly tore my house down! LOL
    Check out my other cool video on 4k Projectors and my Dolby Atmos home theater.
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