Home theater flexing with bassotronics - bass i love you

  • My home theater setup flexing to bassotronics - bass i love you, respond to this video with your own HT setup flexing to the same song :D
    Equipment list:
    Panasonic 50G20 - Screen
    Yamaha 2067 - reciever
    Emotiva XPA 3 - Power Amp
    PS3 and Xbox360
    An insane HTPC with 12TB off hard drive space
    Klipsch RF-82
    Klipsch RC-64
    Klipsch RS-42 MKII
    XTZ 99W12.16 subwoofer X2
    Zachry DSW 4.0 external subwoofer amplifier hooked up to 2 Bass shakers wich is built into the couch
    Paradox Audio cables - Paradox MKI reference cable, Paradox unbalanced RCA interconnect and Paradox - Velocity power cable. (High End hifi cables).

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