GUSHING SUBWOOFER & 400lbs Of Water Flex! Best Bang For The Buck - 2 12's 1000 Watts RMS

  • Just 2 12's today... Fun times, blastin' good bass tunes, blowing some crappy subs with a crazy & cool twist. BASSHEADS UNITE! - EXO
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    "Celestial Origin" By Cultivata Beats
    Piano Roll Beat Made On FL Studio 8
    It looks awesome! Tell me that you think :) And oh yeah, 400lbs of spl excursion insanity! Car Audio Guys - Very Cool *Must See* ~ EXO
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    My Competition Car Audio Installation - The Best Bang For Your Buck!
    Pioneer DEH-P6000ub - Head Unit
    Clarion Eqs746 Graphic - Equalizer
    (1) Alpine MRP-M500 - RMS Monoblock
    (1) Alpine MRP-M1000 - RMS Monoblock
    (3) Orion HP 12 @ 2 ohms - Subs
    (2) Orion Cobalt 5.25's - Highs
    (2) Polk DB 5x7's - Mid Range
    (2) Polk DB 6x9's - Mid Range
    Big Three in 0 Gauge - Stinger / Tsumani
    (1) MCR 200 amp H/O Alternator
    (2) Power Acoustik PCX 5 farad Capacitors
    That's Orion. the coolest car audio around! Who knew 2 12 inch subwoofers could hit be so hard hitting! Cheap car audio isn't always bad. This insane loud, and awesome. The loudest high performance car stereo systems ever : yet perfect for sound quality installs! SPL here we come! =) For the best, deepest subwoofer tunes, and power tracks, watch my cool Top 100 songs video with a lot of bass ! Do you love playing heart wrenching , eye popping, earth shattering, teeth rattling, bass. Will only the best hard hitting, window breaking, house shaking, subwoofer flexing, songs do? Well You definitely came to a good place. Some of these songs I played for this water trick effect are so low , and so loud you can hardly hear the bass. It's subsonic. I had to get crazy deep, wicked sexy low bass tracks because the windows will flex way better, and vibrate car alarms, shake windows, pop out eyes lol...Steve poped a ladies out with HAHA!.... Just a little soap suds science experiment =) Most of these were bass songs I made myself, or played biggest from CD's I own. The are best played on inane car stereo systems like 4 18's, or 4 15's...I'm creative. I can't wait to get my next high performance audio set up. like 10,000 rms. I'm not saying I'm louder than steve meade, or anything.. but I am going to have a wall of subs facing the driver. It's going to be the loudest sound system in maine. I hope to be able to hit term-lab numbers in the high 150's. db drag will help with practice, and bass race for accuracy. I can't wait! I want the complete loudest car stereo system in the world! NESPL ! Insane! Budget Brand Speakers Rock Too! Leave the DD DC fi SSA Incriminator aescendant to the rick guys lol Biggest Water Trick Ever!

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