How Do You Match Car Subwoofers and Amplifiers?

  • We explain the process of correctly matching car subwoofers and amplifiers. If it's a subject you find confusing, tune in and learn how to do it!
    QMV Subwoofer Wiring Wizard:
    0:47 Main Points: RMS Rating, Impedance(Ohms), Amplifier, Enclosure
    1:09 RMS Power Ratings (Thermal Power Handling) - What is it?
    1:35 RMS vs MAX(Peak) power
    2:05 Match RMS Input of Subwoofer to RMS Output of Amplifier
    2:20 Mulitple Subwoofer RMS Ratings
    3:06 Distortion - What does it sound like?
    3:30 Amplifier Headroom
    3:52 Impedance (Ohms) - What is it?
    4:30 Matching RMS and Impedance(Ohms)
    5:00 Ohms vs Power Outputs
    5:45 Example: Wiring 2 Ohm Single Voice Subwoofers
    6:10 Power Headroom
    6:35 Dual Voice Coil Subwoofers
    6:40 Parallel Wiring: 4 Ohms becomes 2 Ohms, 2 Ohms becomes 1 Ohm
    7:00 Selecting an Amplifier
    7:05 Monoblocks
    7:14 Two Channel and Four Channel Amps
    7:30 Bridging Amplifiers
    7:55 Monoblocks: How Many Subs can they Power?
    8:03 Wire 3 DVC 2 Ohm Subs to 1.34 Ohm or 3 Ohm Impedance
    8:13 Match RMS Input and RMS Output
    8:24 CEA Compliant
    8:32 Build a System from Scratch
    8:38 Selecting Amplifier: Rockford Fosgate P1000X1BD
    9:07 Selecting 4 Subwoofers for Amplifier: P1S4-12
    9:23 Selecting 3 Subwoofers for Amplifier: P2D2 or P2D4?
    10:07 What Kind of System is Best For You?
    10:27 Subwoofer Enclsoures
    10:43 Common Questions
    Leave any questions below! Thanks for watching!
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