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BASIC TOOLS ONLY! Subwoofer Box Build - Step by Step

  • So you want to build your own subwoofer box for your vehicle, but maybe you don’t have access to some of the specialized tools like router or table saw. Not to worry my friends because with some basic tools and outside the box thinking we can build an amazing enclosure. In this video Im going to use a drill, jig saw and circular saw and Im going to show you some cool techniques we can use to make due with what we have and make this cost effective box build.
    ▼ Tools and Materials:
    Subwoofer Box Design Blueprints: goo.gl/hQ8HKH
    Circular Saw: ~$35 amzn.to/2vEnm3Q
    Jig Saw: ~$35 amzn.to/2wZBXGe
    Drill: ~$30 amzn.to/2uECYa0
    Template Tape: goo.gl/8WAUZR
    Chip Brushes: amzn.to/2vyx2hK
    Upholstery Adhesive: amzn.to/2vE7dv4
    Sub Box Carpet: amzn.to/2uE0nsq
    Vinyl: amzn.to/2vDLpQj
    ▼ Other important links:
    ➜FREE weekly training program: goo.gl/5T4D7v
    ➜Box Designs, BUILD YOUR OWN BOX! goo.gl/sv1wam
    ➜Support the making of the Videos: goo.gl/2jMVZ6
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