Subwoofer Plate Amps? Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 Tested

  • Dayton SPA250 vs Yung SD300 Plate Amplifiers
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    Not exactly a direct comparison, but I decided to try both amps to replace the non-working 75-watt amp on my Boston Acoustics CR400 subwoofer. The 300 watt Yung SD300 is actually the cheaper of the two amps, yet rated to be the most powerful. It is a Class D design and has an open back. Will this cause problems if mounted inside a subwoofer enclosure, due to vibration? Only time will tell.
    I also purchased the Class A/B Dayton Audio SPA250 to try out. This amp is rated 252 watts at 4 ohms with less than 1% THD. This is a VERY popular plate amplifier on Parts Express with nearly 5 star average with well over 200 reviews.
    You may be asking...why 250 or 300 watts to replace a 75 watt amp? Well, because I can? Honestly, I wanted to choose popular models and have flexibility to use them in different applications in the future. Plus, I thought you guys would want to see these models tested, so I did this for you!
    See the Dayton Audio SPA250 here:
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    Test Your Own Amps! SMD / D'Amore Engineering AMM-1:
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