32 12" Subwoofers | 30,000 Watt BASS Demo - INSANE 4th Order Bandpass & LOUD Audiopipe 12's SBN 2012

  • SBN Bass Demo w/ YouTube's BigNTsty and his Serious Sounds build with 32 12's on over 30,000 Watts! If you love the lows, you have to hear this system in real life to fully appreciate it. The guy was super cool, and of course always ready to demo! Great times :)
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    Outside Speakers 0:30
    32 12s 4th Order Bandpass 0:57
    Loud Rear Mids & Highs Setup 1:20
    Insane Door Flex 2:56 3:28
    This enclosure was sick!
    Spring Break Nationals 26 / SBN 2012
    Ocean Center DJ's
    101 North Atlantic Avenue
    Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
    Songs: 1st: Bass Mekanik - "Bass All Day"
    2nd: "Slump Bump" (Lo & Slo Remix) by Bass Mekanik
    (Thanks BassLaunch For Figuring Out The Title!)
    3rd: Phil Collin's - "In The Air Tonight" (slowed & bass boosted)
    Crank That Music Mr. DJ :)
    More Extreme BASS VAN Videos Coming Up!
    Bassheads Unite 2012

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