3 B2 Audio HNX 6.5" Subwoofer enclosure build

  • Stay tuned for this playing, and stay tuned as the 2 B2 Audio XNv3 Neo 18" build is finally about to go down!
    OK, so the original plan of 4 of these in the space we are going would not work, we either had to tune way to high (50hz) to recoup airspace or lose a driver, so we decided to go with 3 B2 HNX 6.5" Subs instead of 4, it was the only choice and got us down to a 36hz tune.
    So today we threw this box together in a couple hours. For 3 b2 audio HNX6.5. The enclosure will be carpeted tomorrow and likely hooked up and playing.
    Enclosure is 42x16x10 and fits nicely under the rear deck area.
    This build is just for listening enjoyment so musical range of sound is what is desired on this one, numbers on the dash are not a concern, as its not an ideal placement for numbers, but the end result will be nice and clean. This car is used everyday so room in the trunk has to remain for misc daily duty's.
    Also noting, we cannot find our router and clamps, who knows.

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