Bass I Love You | 18" SUBWOOFER EXCURSION & Crazy Door FLEX w/ Bassotronics INSANE Loud Test SONG

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    Additional Music By: Kevin Macleod
    Song: Big Mojo
    EXO Remix
    Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0""
    The SPL Van : 10,000 Watt Sound System Install
    1992 Dodge Grand Caravan
    DaveTheBoxGuy Wall Designs
    Ported MADNESS! For Monster FLEX
    Pioneer DEH-p6000ub Deck - USB Head Unit
    Dual Soundstream Triple X Goliath 18's Goin HAM!
    Port Walled Off @ 32 hz (Like old Box)
    No Door Speakers In At The Moment
    2 5.25 inch Picaso Speakers (mids & highs)
    2 5.25" Tarantula SQ 3 way Coaxial (mid & High range)
    4 SS TX1.2600d Amps / Monoblock / Mono Amplifiers
    About 2000 Watts RMS Each Amp (half ohm deep)
    DC Power Engineering 270XP High Output Alternator
    Big 3 in 0 Gauge For 270 amps
    100 sq ft Audio Techinix / Dynamat
    200ft 1/0 AWG Largest Power Wire From 2010
    COmin' Atcha with those Extremely Loud Bass Lines & Massive Slow Mo Air Movement! Deepest Daily Driver Around! Yup, The ridiculous 10000 watt mega boom setup!
    The Hardest - Sick Basslines , Here To Vibrate & Shake Down Your BLOCK! Door Flex & WOOFER Excursion Central! - Subsonic - Bassotronics FTW

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