Ridiculous Mids & Highs w/ 6 15" American Bass DX Subs | Crescendo 3kwp Amp | 3000 WATT WOOFER FLEX

  • Warning! EXTREMELY LOUD Demo w/ Kevin Holland's 6 15's. THUMBS UP FOR MORE!
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    Camera Used: Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra
    (Sorry For The Low Audio Quality - These Speakers Totally Ruined My Mic)
    Kevin's Awesome Stereo System Install
    Pioneer Head Unit - USD Deck
    JB Systems VX600 (VX-600) & VX300 (VX-300)
    VX200 - Custom Single Din In-Dash Amps
    Planet Audio AC10002 1000 Watt 2 Channel Amplifier
    6 pro 10's - AB 10" Speakers For Mids & Highs
    8 Intense Concert Horns ( Flared )
    1 Single Crescendo Audio 3kwp - 3k ( 3000 Watts RMS )
    Six 15's - American Bass DX 15 Subwoofers
    Dual Batteries (2nd Battery Setup)
    Epic Music By: Danosongs
    Awesome Song: "Blue Scorpion"
    Good God, Talk About Demoing Hard Hitting Bass Song!
    How'd You Like Those Piercing Mids And Highs ? Little Slow Motion Woofer Excursion For You At The End :)
    More Crazy SPL Car Audio Videos Coming! The Loudest Sounding Rides Around!
    Sound Quest / SoundQuest BassHeads Unite!

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