SW Nemesis Carbon fibre cone, high excursion subwoofer, test

  • A carbon fibre cone subwoofer, it has a triple stacked magnet system and a light exxon rubber surround, this is what a woofer looks like with very low frequencies going through it with 1.6K of power.
    Most of the energy/sound is below what human ears can hear but when your in a closed room with these frequencies you can feel it in your throat, chest and skull, it makes you feel happy.
    Most of the sound in the clip is from the steel bell ports, the signal is a complex sweep and sine wave and was designed to test excursion and suspension creep.
    Do not play this video back too loudly as this signal can damaged domestic drive units or make stuff fall off your table.
    Oh and you may feel sick or want to use the loo.

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