Rotary Subwoofer - Worlds Lowest Freq Subwoofer

  • capable of generating greater than 120dB SPL of frequences from 20Hz down to less than 1Hz!!! Read more at . This video is the first time this invention has been shown. You won't be able to hear the low stuff on your PC speakers, they won't go below 50-100Hz for sure! The fan self-noise is filtered out in the production enclosure. See for how University of Hawaii recreated earthquakes with the TRW!
    update anecdote: during testing while this video was made, a houseowner about 300 yards downhill came over and asked if we were feeling anything because the plates on her wall kept vibrating. So she was walking around the neighborhood asking if anyone else felt it. I think she was concerned her house was haunted or something! We fessed up and invited her in to see what the commotion was caused by.
    What is fascinating is that the amplifier driving the voice coil motor is only 200W max. The motor spinning the fan is maybe as high as 1 amp at 240V. Yet the amount of low frequency energy is incredible compared to that of a conventional set of 18" subwoofer trying to do stuff at that frequency.

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