What Is a Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer? | Car Audio

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    The wiring amplifier for maximum efficiency, you want to make sure your subwoofer is wired at the proper amperes. The invention of the dual voice coil subwoofer vastly simplifies this task for car serial shops. For instance, a dual two-ohm subwoofer, it can be wired at one ohm or can be wired at four ohms. A dual four-ohm subwoofer can be wired at two ohms or it can be wired up to eight ohms. If you have two subwoofers, the dual voice coil set-up becomes even more useful. Because you can wire these subwoofers together, to obtain the proper amperes for that amplifier maximum efficiency. Before dual voice coil subwoofer became widely available, you need to purchase a special subwoofer to each type of amp configuration. If you're using to sub-woofers or one sub-woofer than you had to buy different types of sub-woofers and you had to stock four different ones in your stock room. As a car stereo shop, this means we can stock one or two different types of subwoofers instead of five. Dual voice coil sub-woofers are also typically more robust — they can handle more power, because they have two voice coils.

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