LOUDEST Subwoofer Installs in The UK w/ EXTREME Car Audio Demos & World Class Sound Systems BIG BASS

  • Today we've got more extreme stereo systems courtesy of EXO & TheCarAudioGuy all the way from the United Kingdom!!! If you enjoyed this quality presentation, remember to check out his awesome YouTube channel :)
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    Music By: Audioblocks & YouTube Music Library
    Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org)
    Hunter Reed's CRAZY Subwoofer Sound System
    Slot Ported Sub Box Tuned To 29hz
    (Triple Baffle No Wall Enclosure Setup)
    8 12" Ascendant Audio Ref. 2 Subwoofers
    (Quad Stacked Magnets w/ Ti Baskets)
    2 Wolfram Audio 4500's Monoblock Amps
    (4500 Watts RMS Wired at 1ohm)
    Stetsom STX 2448 Digital Audio Processor
    Audiocontrol Onedrive Plus Line Driver
    SBC RCA Distribution Box (1 Input & 4 Outputs)
    Dual Mechman High Output Alternators
    2 JY Power 80ah Lithium Batteries
    Lots of 1/0 Power & Ground Wire
    "The Windy Whale" / Team Hz Feelings
    Loud Woofers, Big Demos & SUB FLEX!
    10,000 Watt Chevy Tahoe Doing Hair Tricks
    Scope that insane excursion and slow motion xmax!
    Big UK Segments filmed by The Car Audio Guy.
    More How To & Tutorial Videos Coming!
    Bassheads Unite 2019
    Not The Loudest In The World... But Still HUGE BASS!

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