TAPPING OUT on 40 15" Kicker L7 Subwoofers!!! World's Biggest & Loudest SQUARE SUB Bass System EVER

  • Behold THE CUBE!!! The world's loudest and biggest Kicker L7 subwoofer install ever! Loaded up with TONS of marine grade speakers and powerful bass amps, this 50,000+ Watt JY Power sound system takes EXTREME car audio to the next level! Let's hop inside and get a crazy tap out demo watching all the intense excursion and insane flex! :D
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    Music By: Navie D, AudioBlocks & YouTube Music
    Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (creativecommons.org)
    The JY Power Cube Installation (40 15s)
    40 15 inch L7 Q Series Subwoofers
    (Sqaured Subs w/ Dual 4 ohm Voice Coils)
    20 Kicker KX 2400.1 Monoblock Bass Amps
    (Wired to 1 ohm per sub pair)
    177 Kicker Marine 6.5" Mid Range Speakers
    (Sealed Chambers Mounted Outside)
    600ah Cased 80ah 12v Car Batteries
    (JY Power Lithium Battery Cells)
    Lots of 0 Gauge Power & Ground Wire
    Custom Made Aluminum Buss Bars
    50,000W RMS + Mids & Highs
    Donald Cowger's IMPRESSIVE Sub Install
    2 Inverted 15" Sundown ZV5 Subs
    4th Order Bandpass w/ Rear Deck Blowthrough
    Sound Pressure Designs Box & Port
    Single Taramps HD15k Mono Amp
    (15000 Watts RMS @ 1 ohm)
    6 Crescendo PWX Speakers
    (Nice Door Panels & Speaker Pods)
    Single Sound Digital 3k on Vocals
    CES 340a High Output Alternator
    Single JY GREEN 80ah Battery
    Donald's First BASS DEMO from 2014
    More MASSIVE Car Audio Sound Systems Coming Up!
    Tapping Out Like a NOOB :p
    Scope That EXCURSION!
    Bassheads Unite 2019

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