CRAZY 12" Subwoofer Demos w/ 18 12s & EXTREME LOW Bass Songs *WARNING* LOUD Car Audio Installs!!!

  • Who's ready for some CRAZY 12 inch subwoofer setups!?!? Check out these extreme car audio installs playing some extra deep bass songs at Slamology! 12 12s and 18 12s slammin' in a huge walled off bandpass box! SUBSCRIBE for more insane sound systems!
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    Kranny's MASSIVE 20,000 Watt Install
    12 12" Crossfire C7 Subwoofers
    (Inverted For More Internal Volume)
    2:1 4th Order Bandpass Design (Center Port)
    (1 Cubic Foot Sealed Per Woofer)
    Tuned to around 45hz
    3 Banda 7k Bass Amplifiers
    (Brazilian Style 7000 Watt RMS Amp)
    12 12 Volt AGM Deep Cycle Batteries
    Dual Alternators Under The Hood
    161 Decibels (In The Kick)
    Breaks Metal Floor Apart!
    Jamas Pope's HUGE 12" Sub Setup
    18 VXF 12s from Skar Audio
    2 Crossfire 8k Bass Amps
    (8000 Watt RMS @ 1 ohm)
    10 Crossfire Mid Range Door Speakers
    (Custom Doors w/ Speaker Pods)
    8 Digital Designs Super Tweeters
    (A-Pillar Dash Pod Install)
    200Ah of Underground Lithium Battery
    Port is NOT TUNED Yet
    Music By: AudioBlocks & YouTube Music
    Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
    Scope that SLOW MOTION FLEX!
    More BIG Stereo System Demos Coming!
    These hard hitting builds were nice and loud and had tons lows :D
    Bassheads Unite 2019

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