MASSIVE AUDIO SUBS w/ 4000 Watt BASS Amp Install | 12 inch Summo XL & Hippo in PREFAB Subwoofer Box

  • Check out these awesome sounding stereo systems! Today we got THREE more bassheads jammin' some loud music showing off hardcore flex as their subwoofers take-on huge levels of excursion!!! Enjoy the fun and Thanks for Watching and Subscribing :D
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    Music By: AudioBlocks & YouTube Music Library
    Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
    Alesio Sworeze's Crazy Chucky Themes Installation
    8 12" Massive Audio SUMMO XL Subs
    (1500 Watts RMS / 3000 Peak)
    2 Hifonics Brutus 2400 Watt Amps
    (BXX2400.1D 1 ohm Stable Amp)
    10 Digital Audio Door Speakers
    (4) 6" Mids (2) 3" Mids (4) Tweeters
    6 Group 31 Batteries Parallel Wired
    Dual High Output Alternators
    Custom Aluminum Buss Bar
    Homemade Stripper Pole Roof Brace
    See Through Plexiglass Subwoofer Port
    Sealed Off 4th Order Bandpass Enclosure
    Dodge Durango
    Mark's Massive Audio Sound System
    Pioneer AppRadio w/ 4 Volt RCA Preout Voltage
    4 Massive Hippo 12 inch "Mega" Subwoofers
    (HIPPOXL122 - 2000 Watts RMS)
    2 Massive Audio 4000 Watt Amps
    (Digital Block Series D8000 / 8000 Watt Max Monoblock)
    Two ATREND USA Prefab Ported Boxes
    (Prefabricated 1" Thick Baffle & Side Walls)
    Stacked with ports behind the passenger seat
    Massive Audio 4 Channel Amplifier
    (D1600.4 Class D Full Range Amp)
    Knukonceptz 1/0 Power & Ground Wire
    Knukonceptz Shielded RCA Cables
    Knukonceptz 0 Gauge Distribution Block
    Dual Batteries Connected Up Back
    Upgraded Alternator Under The Hood
    Ford F150 Pickup Truck Install
    Llavor Malcom's INSANE Bass Setup
    4 15" Sundown Audio X v2 Woofers
    Walled Off w/ Center Slot Port
    Single Crescendo Encore Series 12k
    (12,000 Watts @ 1ohm)
    3 Northstar 170FT Batteries & XS Power D3100
    Boss ONYX 2000 Watt Four Channel
    (NX2000.4 Class A/B Full Range)
    155 Decibel Certified Termlab SPL Scores
    Florida Bassheads Give The BIGGEST Hair Tricks ;)
    Ford Explorer Project Vehicle
    More EXTREME BASS Demos Coming Up!
    Bassheads Unite 2019
    Spring Break Nationals 2016
    Slamfest Car & Truck Show 2017

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