Loud & Clear and CLEAR. "Panda" Faced Diamondboxx XL (Tab Style Laser Cut Acrylic Enclosure Mod)

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    I have been wanting to do this for a long time. In fact i ordered my favorite color (Panda) Dimaondboxx
    about a year ago. It has been sitting at the shop waiting on this mod the whole time. My shop doesn't leave
    me with lots of time to do fun activities such as this so sometimes things get left undone until i get a chance
    to do them. I did NOT have a chance to do it...but i MADE a chance to do it in between some products i was
    making on the laser. A few days ago i randomly just busted out some 1/2" Acrylic and started getting busy.
    It didn't really take too long to build the box but that logo took forever! I will give my mod a solid 7 or 8
    out of ten since it is my first time doing (this) mod. If i had to do it again i know i can do EVERYTHING
    even better. This was pretty much "freestyle" work.
    In case you are wondering why acrylic work is so expensive to have done, just think. The material is expensive
    by itself. But ONE WRONG MOVE, just LOOK at it the wrong way and it is game over for your project. You get to
    start over again. Even people that are really good at this can accidently scratch it or have some other flaw
    (usually towards the end) that causes a full re-do. That is not cheap! So if you pay for acrylic work (such as
    a box), you are paying for that persons EXPERIENCE and the gamble he must take to do it right. If he messes
    up, he gets to keep trying till he get's it right. This stuff is hundreds of dollars per sheet (the acrylic)
    and can easily be ruined. So thank your favorite acrylic guy and PAY HIM RIGHT. This stuff takes skill! I
    am still trying to get better at it and i have been doing it for years.
    If you want to see some more specs on the Diamondoxx, visit www.diamondboxx.com
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