Unboxing $35,000! 4 D'Amore Engineering Class A/AB Hi Res Amps Opened, Exposed, Explained (the guts)

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    If you remember, back in December, i received a D'Amore Engineering 1500.4 Amplifier (the $8600 Christmas Gift). After playing with it, i fell in love with it. I decided to run these in my Escalade the moment i heard it. Even though it is a Hi Res SQ amplifier, it still has the capability to give me what i still need, and that is LOUD. I decided i wanted to run 2 1500.2 Amps on my subwoofers (not yet chosen) so i ordered those up. Upon thinking about it some more, 4 channels is not enough for my front stage. Plenty of power, just not enough channels. So i ordered a 2nd 1500.4 amp. Now i will have 8 channels for my front stage. Perfect! After waiting a few months, i just received my production units! I can't wait to get started. The shop is super busy and i have a million things to do, but i know i want to do this bad! It is long overdue!
    If you want to see some more specs on these amps, visit www.damoreengineering.com
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