How much can it take? Torture Test & Re-Rating the NEW SMD QR1 Quick Release Neo Magnet Terminal Cup

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    NOTE** any buzzing you hear in this video is NOT the amp! It is the POWER SUPPLY! that thing is annoying. I need to find an isolated spot to put it so i don't have to hear that...for now though i will just deal with it.
    The very first version of the SMD QR-1 was able to take about 1,500 watts. So i rated it around 1,000 just to be safe. The 2nd version was tested to take about 4,000 watts so i rated it about 2500. Recently i made some MAJOR changes to it, not just cosmetically but also electrically. Instead of you using my wire that is permanently inside of the plug (previous models) and sealed for life, now there is a fat Aluminum or optional Copper add your OWN wire to! Up to about 8ga! Maybe even a 6ga, i haven't tried it...but 8ga fits great and it's about all that anyone would ever need. I prefer Skyhigh 10ga OFC (available in at least 3 colors, red, blue and green) because 10ga is enough for ANYONE. More than enough. And it is BEAUTIFUL WIRE!!!
    If interested in custom colors for your QR-1 or the just as sexy (and mega functional) Terminal X series, contact us at We can even put your logo on it! In the future there will be a small upcharge but if you get in soon enough ill probably do it for free. At least until i get the option up on the website. As you can see i whipped this up for G2 Dynamics! Send request and artwork in before your purchase to make sure we can do it. It needs to be something that will look good relatively a company logo. Even the logo of your car ie. Ford, chevy etc. Your favorite audio brand will look especially great on them! Don't forget we have tons of colors available, even neon that glows crazy under a black light :D Thanks for watching! i have some cool stuff coming soon!
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