2017 Ford F250 - B2 Audio 3 Ways in the doors! Custom 6x9 Adapters, Class A Amp Wired & Fired up

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    I know it has been a while but i finally got the doors started...and finished. The system consists of:
    Factory Headunit (Sony)
    Pac AmpPro AP4-FD21 Interface (Using optical output)
    Audiocontrol DM810 DSP (way more than i need now but expandable for later!)
    B2 Audio Reference 4 Channel (Class A or AB (Switchable)) on the Mids/Highs
    B2 Audio Rage 2500.1 on the Subwoofers
    B2 Audio Reference 6.3 Three-Way Components (Custom Starboard HDPE Adapter Plates)
    (6) B2 Audio 6.5" Subwoofers in a Gately Audio ported, under seat enclosure.
    SMD Quick Release Neo Magnet Terminal (to take box out at night or when space is needed)
    SMD Fuses, Fuse Blocks and Power Distritubion
    Skyhigh Power Cable
    SMD RCA (From DM810 to amps)
    NavTV FD 360 Camera Control
    Second Skin "Damp Pro" sound Deadener
    Wiring harness used Pac APH-FD01 (to get into the doors).
    I pulled my boot and door plug out to try to find a way in through the molex plug like i normally would...but there isn't room for ANYTHING. I think because my truck is fully loaded all the contact points are being used. When i go fully active SOON, i will drill the necessary holes and run new wires. For now, this works GREAT!
    I know this was a long video, but if you watched it all, thank you! I will make a video soon doing some basic tuning to get this thing souding even better! I also have a BRAND NEW improved Gately Audio under-seat box i am going to swap in. The one i have now is a prototype, one of the originals and he has since improved them. I have it at the shop ready to go! And then, i am going to put 4 8" subs in another under-seat box after that! I have plans in the future to expand the system that is why i used the Audiocontrol DM810 DSP. It has way more channels than i need right now but i would rather have too many than not enough! And YES, i will probably eventually switch to fully active. Right now, i just wanted it all working and sounding good..and it doesn't just sound good, it sounds GREAT. And it's still flat! I can't wait to throw some pink noise in it and an RTA! Stay tuned! And make sure you hit the notification button, i have lots of fun stuff for 2020 planned!
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