I Got an $8400 Christmas Gift! D'Amore Engineering 1500.4 Dual Stereoblock Hi-Res Amplifier

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    Next video, i will DYNO this amp and then open it up. If you want to see the guts, hit like and say so! this amp is TRULY a masterpiece inside and out! Turn your notifications on!
    YOUTUBE WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO USE ANGLE BRACKETS IN THE DESCRIPTION SO I CAN'T PASTE ALL THE DATA. FOR MORE INFO INCLUDING THE FULL PDF SPEC-SHEET VISIT: damore-engineering.myshopify.com/collections/audio-amplifiers/products/dual-stereo-power-amplifier
    The A1500.4 is a True Dual Stereo Design providing better stereo separation and imaging as compared to traditional stereo amplifiers - the chassis being the only thing common between channels. In an effort to provide the very best signal to noise ratio and lowest distortion possible, 109 dB (A-weighted) and 0.027% THD+N the amplifier utilizes a Mirror Image Design with positive and negative output signals of each channel generated using identically mirrored circuitry. Each of the two channels is also a mirror image of the other. A1500.4 operates the current amplifier devices in class A/B operation and the voltage amplifier devices in pure balanced Class A mode offering a realism and truth to the source never before available from a mobile power amplifier.
    From a design standpoint, the A1500.4 utilizes separate PCBs for the voltage amplification stage (and each of the 4 channels has its own) and current amplification stage to maximize the signal to noise ratio so that it's dead silent. It has been designed from the ground up around the highest quality components available at any cost, including; Nichicon Fine Gold™ capacitors, Nichicon Muse™ audio capacitors, (8) On-Semiconductor complementary bipolar junction transistors per channel, and non-inductive resistors, all assembled on 4-layer heavy copper PCBs! Its dual stereo channels can be wired as two single channels with double the output voltage for applications where high power is required. Finally, it includes two pair of gorgeous LED output meters to indicate actual amplifier power for each of the 4 channels as well being used for self diagnostics during a fault condition.
    FOR CONTINUED SPEC SHEET VISIT: damore-engineering.myshopify.com/collections/audio-amplifiers/products/dual-stereo-power-amplifier
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