Dual SVS PB1000 Subwoofer initial thoughts VS 1 big sub

  • The big decision. 1 big sub, or 2 smaller dual subs for the same money? This is a biggie... Vv Click SHOW MORE vV
    All good sub makers know 2 is better than one, but 1 outstanding 15" sub vs 2 outstanding 10" subs? So far, I'm surprised by the outcome, but I suspect it isn't the norm. I'll explain.
    So here is my initial setup with the dual PB1000's that SVS was kind enough to lend me for this comparison. The more I listen, the more impressed I am. At this moment they are still breaking in.
    They aren't just good for 10's, they are good period. I watched a movie (The Haunting-great for bass) and I was beside myself. Much more even than the single large sub, which is to say nothing bad about the HSU VTF-15.
    2 is just better, so long as the subs are good to begin with, and are the same model. This is not meant to speak ill of the big sub, in fact the point is that the big sub is a known powerhouse with a solid reputation. This is truly a big challenge for the PB1000's, and they are up for it.
    Dual, single, big or small, my listening levels will be about the same, as it should be. You don't run higher bass SPL just because you have a bigger sub, if you want it to sound right. Running a single means turning the gain higher than when running dual subs, so I have plenty of headroom (volume) left with the 2 smaller subs.
    I wouldn't recommend most 10" subs, as most can't produce solid sub 30 hertz sound without significant distortion. These do extremely well, and I'm not the only one to say so. Some lesser 15" subs don't do as well as these 10's in terms of sub 30 performance, which is the hardest part to get right.
    SVS is known for their flat frequency response, and I can say it is a well deserved reputation. It only starts to drop off at about 21 hertz and loses output under 19, exactly what it says on the graphs, their literature, the box, and independent tests. That's refreshing, and not typical, especially among more commonly recognizable names. I appreciate the real world numbers being advertised.
    If your budget is under $1,000 for a subwoofer, I can definitely recommend this setup.
    The thing that's unique to SVS is that you can upgrade within ONE YEAR at FULL credit. So you can trade up from the dual PB1000's for PB2000's and only pay the difference in price and shipping charges.
    I'm not sure most people would need to upgrade as these do a great job, but I can see many people wanting to just because they can, and it's a nice option to have.
    Subwoofers should reproduce quality sound with authority throughout the humanly audible bass spectrum (20-100 hertz). Most do not.
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    Here is the setup at the time of upload:
    Amplifier, same as mine (X2000), but updated for 4k and dual subwoofers: sub101.link/DenonX2400
    Consider stepping up to an amp with preouts in case you want to get separate power amps later. The X2000 does not have them, I believe the X3300 does: sub101.link/DenonX3300
    Provided on a demo basis by SVS:
    Towers (not in video, but resolved bass issues I had from the Def Tech books): sub101.link/PrimeTower
    Surrounds (not in video): sub101.link/Satellite
    Center (not in video): sub101.link/PrimeCenter
    Dual PB-1000's: sub101.link/PB-1000
    Dual PB 2000's (not in video, but worth the upgrade): sub101.link/PB-2000
    Speaker wire: sub101.link/SP1SpeakerCable
    LG 4K 3D that I replaced previous Vizio with a Square Trade type warranty. Love the LG, some issues aside.
    Measurement Mic for use with Room EQ Wizard:
    Room EQ Wizard (free, donations encouraged for the guy that created it-not me, use earplugs!):
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