Kicker Q-Class Subwoofers: Kicker L7 vs Kicker CompQ

  • Kicker's Q Class Subwoofers include the legendary L7 and CompQ. So... which is better?
    Kicker Q-Class Subwoofers
    Kicker L7 vs Kicker CompQ
    These woofers are very similar in performance and design, the main difference is the square cone design of the L7, giving it 20% more cone area than a typical round subwoofer, which means more air displacement which means more bass. The L7 also Kicker's patented Santoprene corners allow your KICKER subs to play smooth, distortion-free music at any volume level.
    The CompQ features a ceramic magnet and computer-optimized voice coil to provide outstanding power handling. Both of these super woofers produce extra low frequencies, and are built for precision and abuse. Kicker's Uniplate back plate combines the pole piece and back plate as a single, seamless unit to pull damaging heat away from the sub.
    Their blue lace spiders and ribbed surrounds give extra stability and unparalleled accuracy and volume. Their heavy duty square spring terminals accept speaker wire up to 8AWG or two 12AWG wires for multi-sub installation.
    Kicker L7 Models:
    41L782 8" 2-ohm
    41L784 8" 4-ohm
    41L7102 10" 2-ohm
    41L7104 10" 4-ohm
    41L7122 12" 2-ohm
    41L7124 12" 4-ohm
    41L7152 15" 2-ohm
    41L7154 15" 4-ohm
    Kicker CompQ Models:
    42CWQ102 10" 2-ohm
    42CWQ104 10" 4-ohm
    42CWQ122 12" 2-ohm
    42CWQ124 12" 4-ohm
    42CWQ152 15" 2-ohm
    42CWQ154 15" 4-ohm
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