Dual Targa X-100-i 4Ω DVC 10" 300w Subwoofer Bass Test

  • As promised, here's the ultimate subwoofer test video of the recently brand new built center L-ported box for 2 pieces Targa X-100-i 4 Ohm double voice coil 10 inch 300 watt RMS car subwoofers.
    The subs are wired in parallel to get a final DC resistance of 1 Ohm and is hooked up to a 1,500w RMS Lightning Lab mono-block subwoofer amplifier in this test. You can see the subs handled the sheer power of amplifier and took a beating but took it like a champ! Not bad for a budget subwoofer!
    Here are the subwoofer test tracks played in this awesome car subwoofer bass test:
    1. Sandeep Luthra - The Ultimate Bass/Subwoofer Tester
    2. Matstubs - Timekeeper (Headphone Activist Remix)
    3. Ca2K - Give Me More
    Don't miss the whole subwoofer designing, calculation and build episodes. Watch the previous videos in the following links:
    - Targa X-100-i 10" Car Subwoofer Thiele-small Parameters - youtu.be/Nz_EkeUjPSo
    - Ultra Budget-Friendly Center L Ported Box for Dual 10" Subwoofer - youtu.be/CUIhOLsQ94o
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