Lightning Lab 2XL-12D2 Subwoofer & LLBA-1500.1F Amp - BASS TEST

  • Here's the 3rd part of the 2XL build series, the most requested subwoofer bass test! If you haven't watch the previous episodes, well watch them before it's too late.
    1st - Extracting T/S Parameters:
    2nd - Kerfed MDF port with paint and carpet combo box build:
    3rd - This video.
    I know, I know, that some of you will surely react against me using a 1500w amp on this beastly subwoofer, it is because it is the only the amplifier available at the moment. The 1500w RMS full-range amplifier is way underpowered for the sub. The 2XL 12D2 should be matched with at least a 2000w RMS amplifier to send it full tilt, but what the hell. So sit back, relax and watch the subwoofer bass test show.
    Subwoofer is a Lightning Lab 2XL 12" dual 2Ω subwoofer.
    Amplifier is Lightning Lab LLBA-1500.1F full-Bridge / full-range mono amplifier. What I like about full-bridge amps are, they are small but very powerful. Displays real voltage on the meter and are equipped with clipping indicator. I made an unboxing, review and output power test in this link -

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