Microlab Solo 6c stereo speakers sound & bass test

  • Microlab Solo 6c stereo speakers sound & bass test.
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    These 2-way active 6.5" midbass drivers studio monitors cost around 100$ and are very, very good deal. In this video you can hear pop music test with speakers grills on and second track is electro dance music with speakers grill take off - Question: How to remove grill ? For these speakers is inappropriate place. these speakers You can use this music system setup for tv, laptop, your digital piano or pioneers djs set in your home studio. This speakers sound very amazing for price. You get clear and powerfull sound, clear higs, balanced vocals and powerfull bass excursion. Also included remote control. Some of features from home page - Beautiful wooden cabinets with excellence sound quality, Crystal clear dynamic highs, balanced mid range and deep bass, Reference monitor quality, driven by high quality drivers, Each cabinet with 1" tweeter for high notes and woofer for mid to low depths and bass, Ideal for music, movies and digital media playbacks. If you want louder set, then buy big brother Microlab solo 7C or Microlab Solo 8c or Microlab Solo 9c.
    Microlab Solo 6c system specifications:
    - Power: 100 watts total RMS power (50 watts x 2)
    - Frequency Response: 55 - 20 000Hz
    - Signal-To-Noise Ratio: 85dB
    - Speakers size: 1" tweeter + 6.5" midbass
    - Weight: 13,70kg.
    [-] Hазвание видео RU: Microlab Solo 6c активный мультимедиа компьютер Hi-Fi колонки звук / бас тест.
    [-] Video nosaukums LV: Microlab Solo 6c datora aktīvo tumbiņu skaņas un bass test.
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    My Production Equipment gear:
    - Canon 70d DSLR with Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens + 16gb SD card
    - Velbon Sherpa 200R photo tripod + Kingjoy VT-3510 Video Fluid Head
    - Stereo sound recorder Zoom H1 & Audio Technica AT2020 usb plus & DIY Binaural recording Dummy head
    - 2x light tripod & Lighting umbrellas + 4x CFL Bulb Studio Lights 5500K (2x45w +2x115w)
    - CN-160 Dimmable LED video lighting
    - Cheap Konig aluminium tripod, I use it for Zoom H1 recorder, binaural head, dB SPL meter or LED light
    - Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K321 headphones with Creative E-MU 0404 USB Audio interface (DAC/sound card/amp)
    - PC: i5 3470, 4gb RAM, 90gb SSD + 1Tb HDD + LG 23" IPS monitor and wireless Logitech keyboard with mouse.
    - Sony Vegas 13 video editing software
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