Logitech Z906 sound & dB bass tests [without sub grill]

  • Logitech Z-906 5.1 surround speakers sound & bass excursion without no grill. Also I show How to remove Logitech Z906 subwoofer grill. It's very good speakers, I thinks It's one of best Logitech digital 5.1 multimedia PC cinema speakers. Of course for music and nice price can get Z-2300 or Z623. But if you want look movies like in cinema with all THX effect, then take these, just connect optical audio cable in your TV and start enjoy your speakers system setup performance in your little home cinema demo. In this Logitech Z906 bass test video can see how loud is this speakers, to compare with others speakers setups. Main features Logitech z906: 1000 Watts peak/500 Watts RMS power delivers rich audio and thunderous bass. Enjoy an audio experience that delivers every detail from the roar of the crowd to the footsteps right behind you. Sound that you can truly hear and feel.Supports multiple inputs simultaneously. Connect up to six compatible devices via 3.5mm, RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial and optical inputs. Choose the audio input via the control console or remote control. INTEGRATED CONTROLS
    Independently adjust the volume levels of each satellite speaker as well as the subwoofer and access power and mute all from the control panel or with the wireless remote control. Define your listening experience by selecting either 2.1, 4.1 or 3D surround sound.
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    --------------------------- PARTS -----------------------
    - Bluetooth aptx receiver on Aliexpress:
    Logitech Z906 on AMAZON.COM: amzn.to/2DIegI4
    Logitech Bluetooth adapter on AMAZON.COM: amzn.to/2P72f45
    Logitech Z906 on AMAZON.CO.UK: amzn.to/2ONvSc1
    Logitech Bluetooth adapter on AMAZON: amzn.to/37ZeOXS
    Logitech Z906 on AMAZON.DE: amzn.to/35TPWyM
    Logitech Bluetooth adapter on AMAZON.DE: amzn.to/2OIV5US
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/arttursm/
    - Total watts (RMS): 500 W
    - Subwoofer: 165 W
    - Satellites: 4 x 67 W, wall mountable
    - Center channel speaker: 1 x 67 W, wall mountable
    - Digital optical input: 2
    - Digital coaxial input: 1
    - Six-channel direct input: 1
    - 3.5mm input: 1
    - RCA input: 1
    - Control console
    - Infared remote
    [-] Hазвание видео RU: Акустика Logitech Z906 с декодером 5.1 компьютерные колонки - Динамики звук и бас-тест
    [-] Video nosaukums LV: Logitech Z906 5.1 datora aktīvo skandu - tumbu basa un skaņas tests bez aizsargsieta
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    My Production Equipment gear:
    - Canon 70d DSLR with Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS lens + 16gb SD card
    - Velbon Sherpa 200R photo tripod + Kingjoy VT-3510 Video Fluid Head
    - Stereo sound recorder Zoom H1 & Audio Technica AT2020 usb plus, Blue Yeti, Behringer Xm8500, Behringer B-1 XLR & DIY Binaural recording Dummy head
    - 2x light tripod & Lighting umbrellas + 4x CFL Bulb Studio Lights 5500K (2x45w +2x115w) + 4x50w LED spotlights
    - CN-160 Dimmable LED video lighting
    - Cheap Konig aluminium tripod, I use it for Zoom H1 recorder, binaural head, dB SPL meter or LED light
    - Sennheiser HD600 and AKG K321 headphones with Creative E-MU 0404 USB Audio interface (DAC/sound card/amp)
    - PC: i5 3470, 8gb RAM, 90gb SSD + 1Tb HDD + LG 23" IPS monitor and wireless Logitech keyboard with mouse.
    - Sony Vegas 13 video editing software
    Music: Marin Hoxha & Chris Linton - With You [NCS Release] - www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDu9fnZ4YrY
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