Bass I love you- Kicker L7 vs. DC XL M2

  • Met a kool as dude that had a kicker L7, just a comparison of it to my 18 DC.
    Let me know what you think.
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    12in Kicker Solo-Baric L7 vs. 18in DC XL m2
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    Bass I love you
    What I'm Running:
    1 18 DC XL M2
    5 cubic foot box tuned to 31 hertz
    Soundstream tx1. 2000d
    Soundstream BX-15
    Pioneer 6000ub
    Sony Xplod 600 4 channel
    4 Ebay 1inch tweets
    2(4inch) vibe speakers
    2(4inch) clarion speakers
    2(6 ½) sony speakers
    2(6x9s) alpine type Rs
    XS power 3400
    0 gauge
    Peel and seal all around with Great Stuff

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