Bass I Love You; Played on BOSE 301 II

  • Bose 301 II, Technics 320W SA-500, Acer Aspire 5100 (lol), and the song name is: "Bass, I Love You" - Bassotronics
    ** Sorry; my Sony NSC-GC1's audio sux**
    random tags: sorry i got to do this but:::: bose 301 subwoofer mids tweeters ported ports woodgrain wood grained silver face front technics sa500 sa-500 sa-series now hooked up to DCM x2 KX-212, & x2 KX-12's mad bass woofer sub
    as many translations i could find for the hell of it, of the word speaker:
    högtalare subwoofer اللغة оратор 扬声器 zvučnik reproduktor højttaler spreker kaiuttimien haut-parleur Lautsprecher ομιλητής דובר वक्ता altoparlante スピーカー 스피커 høyttaler Język local boxe Спикер altavoz amtare orador
    发言者 發言者 kõneleja nagsasalita puhuja falante
    hangszóró pembicara valoda kalbėtojas سخنران głośnik звучник rečník ลำโพง hoparlör ngữ
    lol beat that =D

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