Bass i Love You

  • Onkyo Model TX 6500MK2 Receiver, SoundVision Series speakers w/ 2 Orion XTR 12" Woofers. The camera is 3ft away from the speaker w/ only the one showing on playing. The bass is set @ +2, volume @-37db w/ no loudness on, of i had both woofers on the bass would have distorted the camera sound even more than what it sounds like now but its a clean crisp sound, so check it out n Enjoy! My next upload is going to b a song that Steve Meade played on one of his vids but this time both speakers will b playing n from across the room @ the same volume but with the bass @ +6 instead of +2 n it's gonna sound nice for a Vintage home stereo w/ better woofers. So the next upload Steve Meade, this ones for u!

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